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Product Description


Digital Lighting System


2 brightness settings for 3W spotlight 

High quality FM radio (external antenna)
Music player (with micro SD card slot and USB jack)
With earphone jack
Bult-in USB output for mobile phone(5V 200mAh)
3pcs of 6V DC output for LED bulb
2pcs 1W LED bulb included
Battery 6V 4Ah Lead-acid
Battery service time is around 18 hours for standardbrightness
or 9 hours for high brightness or 13 hours for music player
or 11 hours for FM radio or 18h/1 bulb, 9h/2 bulbs, 6h/3bulbs
3 ways rechargeable : 9V 3W polycrystal solar panel,AC/DC charger
12V DC car plug charger (all included)
Weight:1145g* Size: 200*130*164mm


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