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Century Solar has come up with a complete customized Solar Water Pump Solution for Irrigation Pumps starting from 1HP to 10 HP Motors of various types that shall help the farmers in combating the hazards of intermittent power supply prevailing in villages and rural area. The customization of the solar system varies depending upon the location and requirement of the consumer.

As the title suggests the solar powered water pumps, use solar energy to run. These solar powered water pumps are extremely cost-effective, durable and easy to install and require minimum maintenance. The life of an installed Solar Water Pump System can be as long as 20 years.

The maintenance and running cost is also very low as compared to the normal water pumps. These systems are best alternatives in areas where there is no electricity or reliable supply is not available. The solar modules need to be cleaned from time to time for efficient running.

Solar Water Pump System Installed in India
As solar water Pump system Integrator, we have associated with our strategic partner, the leading brand of Shakti Pumps (I) Ltd, who are a three decade old company and already installed over 1900 units of Solar Water pump System. Our strategic partnership with them has given us enormous strength to cater to our customers as a strong and sustainable Solar Water Pump System Integrator.

The Benefits of Solar Water Pump
• An alternative natural source for electricity.

• Assured energy source for Water Pump.
• It is suitable, where there is no Power or unreliable Power supply. 
• It is easy to install and operate.
• Solar Water Pump Systems minimize or eliminate the use of fossil fuel.
• Eco friendly and control carbon footprint.
• Effective space utilization without disturbing the regular operations.

Types of Solar Powered Pumps:
1. Surface water pumps
These pumps are suitable for lifting and pumping water from a maximum depth of 30 meters.

2. Submersible water pumps
These pumps can be used in areas where water is available at a greater depth and where bore wells are available. A normal designed solar pump recommended for   Minimum depth up to 10 meters. A specially designed motor with adequate solar power system is recommended for maximum depth up to 220 meters, as per the   MNRE guidelines.